Project :

Sustainable development

Leveraging natural resources to provide a sustainable income for a remote community.


At Harvest Hope Africa, we believe in sustainability. We provide support not so the communities come to rely on aid but so they learn knowledge and skills and develop the infrastructure needed to become self-sufficient and create lasting change.

In Tanzania there are 10 hectares of land associated with the primary school. Although it is very dry and not particularly fertile, there are opportunities to use the land to generate an income for the school to create better outcomes for the students, teachers and local community.


We are embarking on a suite of initiatives in Tanzania that maximise the resources available. These include establishing a sustainable beekeeping operation to produce honey to generate an income; planting a farm of water-conservative avocados, which will provide shade for the children in the hot summers, a free source of food, and a source of income for the school; and tree regeneration to offset the logging that fuels the community’s wood-fired cooking.

The Impact

Established a sewing and business training program

Graduated our first intake of students

Resourced a co-operative with business mentorship

Received our second intake of students

Provided food and clean water to vulnerable people

Sustainable bee-keeping

Avocado farm

Tree re-generation

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