Project :

Leadership Training

Enabling high-potential individuals to realise their potential.


In our involvement in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo we recognise high potential and/or high impact individuals who could make a considerable change to their lives and their communities if they were to receive further training.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo we provide funding for two individuals to attend university. Elizabeth, a particularly talented sewing program graduate, is undertaking a three-year fashion diploma and Jacques, a young man whose parents were brutally murdered in the civil war when he was just three, is studying Community Development.

In both Tanzania and Congo our project managers are training their teams in leadership skills. In Tanzania we support our teachers through an advanced training program to ensure they are across best practice.

Looking ahead, we will be training leaders in implementing strategies to address the wellbeing needs of their communities.

The Impact

Established a sewing and business training program

Graduated our first intake of students

Resourced a co-operative with business mentorship

Received our second intake of students

Provided food and clean water to vulnerable people

Education scholarships

Leadership training

Advanced teacher training

Community wellbeing education

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