Introducing Lolendo Collections


The exquisite African fabric is recognised by its intricate designs set against bold backgrounds of various vibrant hues printed on waxed cotton. In support of our vocational training students, we are bringing the African print to a wider audience by designing and locally producing handmade, bespoke clothing and apparel that heroes this iconic print.

All profits go towards empowering young women in the Democratic Republic of Congo by funding training and mentorship to help them set up their own artisan businesses. More information about the vocational program is available here.

Giving a sense of pride to young women

Lolendo means ‘pride’ in Lingala, the language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through Lolendo Collections we are facilitating the development of pride in vulnerable young women. We also invite you to wear our apparel with pride as you help to empower an abuse survivor to transform her life and community.

Please Note :

While we are in our ‘soft launch’ stage we are selling products in person and at local Canberra markets and in our Esty 'Lolendo Collections' shop.
Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase.