Project :

Vocational Training, DRC

Empowering young women in Democratic Republic of Congo.


In 2017, Patrick visited a hospital to provide gifts and to speak with survivors of sexual violence who were pregnant or had recently given birth as a result. He expected that meeting these women would be confronting but he was shocked and appalled when he realised they were no more than girls– some as young as 12. They reported feeling dejected and worried for their future as single mothers. In that moment, Patrick vowed to make a change. He promised them that he would do something to help them and that they would be able to dream again.


We partner with the not-for-profit organisation, Generation Benie pour Benir (GBB) to deliver support to young female survivors of sexual violence. The cornerstone of the program is a 12-month vocational sewing training course to enable the women to earn an income to support themselves and their babies. In addition, we provide various support measures to maximise their chances of success.

These additional support measures include an additional 12 months of support to graduates to help them find employment, qualified psychological support to assist their trauma recovery, support for school-aged girls to return to school, a sewing machine and starter kit for graduates, meals during the program so the students can concentrate without hunger pains, and clean drinking water.

Looking ahead, we will be providing provisions and care for the teenagers’ babies and young children, and we are looking to set up a training centre to increase the number of people we can help.

The Impact

Established a sewing and business training program

Graduated our first intake of students

Resourced a co-operative with business mentorship

Received our second intake of students

Provided food and clean water to vulnerable people

Sewing skills training

Psychological support

Support to return to school

Provisions and care for the children

Food relief program and access to clean water

Starter kit with sewing machine and resources

Life skills and self-belief for the participants

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