It is very rewarding to see the impact of our efforts. Below are the stories of just some of the people we have helped as a result of the wonderful donations of supporters like you.

Dorine, graduate of the Vocational Sewing Training program

Dorine’s mum passed away when she was young. Whilst her father remarried, Dorine and her siblings were abandoned at this time. The children lost contact with each other, being scattered across the region. In a dangerous and vulnerable situation, Dorine was then taken in by another family, who helped her to finish secondary school. Unfortunately, this family were unable to support her through further study that would allow her to become independent and ensure her safety and survival. Dorine joined our second cohort of students and gained the skills to be a seamstress. The joy and confidence Dorine built as a result of this training is obvious to anyone who meets her. Dorine is now building her own business so she can provide for herself. Dorine is so committed to the work of Harvest Hope Africa, and the transformation that the sewing training brings, in her spare time she loves to volunteer at our special events.

Joelin, student of Ebenezer Primary School, Tanzania

Joelin is six years old. She lives with her mum and dad and has three brothers and two sisters. They live in a traditional Maasai round house made of mud and sticks, with a grassed roof. After school Joelin helps her mother with domestic chores such as collecting water in buckets, washing clothes and cleaning the mud-floored house. Joelin gets one meal a day at home called ugi (like porridge) that she has at dinner time. Meat is a very big treat and vegetables don’t grow in their arid land. Joelin loves school and the chance to learn to read and write. She’s very creative and would like to study drawing when she leaves school so she can be a professional artist.

Rebecca, member of the sewing co-operative

Rebecca is 21. Growing up, she was one of 12 children in an extremely poor family. Having been raped at 18, she discovered she was pregnant. At this time things became even more difficult for Rebecca and she became homeless for some time. Reunited with her family, Rebecca joined our sewing training program. Rebecca was a part of our first cohort of students. She joined the co-operative and began to build her business and take full responsibility for herself. Recently she suffered another disaster, where her home was burnt to the ground, and she lost everything she owned. Starting again from scratch, with a three-year-old child, Rebecca is able to rely on her work in the co-operative and the support of her colleagues to rebuild her home. Rebecca is confident that with courage and perseverance, with her new set of skills and developing business, the future is positive.