About Us

Harvest Hope Africa is a registered charity dedicated to transforming the lives of impoverished and vulnerable individuals and communities in Africa.


Founders, Patrick and Rebecca Lublianji, created Harvest Hope Africa after moving to Canberra from Tanzania – where they worked and met as volunteer teachers making a difference in the lives of people who need it.

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Patrick witnessed the country’s long history of conflict, political upheaval and instability growing up. An ardent believer in the power of individual action, Patrick has always looked to give people who are struggling today the belief in a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, more than 12,000 kilometres across the Indian Ocean, growing up in Canberra, Australia, Rebecca was being inspired by television advertisements to sponsor a child. She promised herself that one day, she too would enable that kind of change in someone’s life.

Harvest Hope Africa is their vision realised. However, in contrast to charities that invite individuals to ‘sponsor a child’, donations to Harvest Hope Africa fund capacity-building initiatives. These programs enable the individual to become self-sufficient, thereby creating sustainable change for the individual and their community and enabling Harvest Hope Africa to maximise their reach and impact.

Patrick and Rebecca have been deeply moved by the encouragement, assistance and of course, donations, provided by their supporters in Australia and around the world.

“Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. Your interest in our cause will help us realise our vision of bringing hope and restoration to impoverished and vulnerable people and communities in Africa.”

Our Vision :

Bringing hope, restoration and transformation to impoverished and vulnerable people and communities in Africa.

Our Mission :

To equip and empower impoverished and vulnerable people and communities in Africa through education and training.

Our Values: We are driven by the following core values:

Our Values :

We are driven by the following core values:


We respect the culture of the people we work with. We listen and this informs our decisions. We communicate respectfully and with consideration.


We speak truthfully and work to do the best we can. We are hardworking and prioritise accountability and transparency. We respect confidential information.


We are passionate and committed to empowering vulnerable communities. We strive to understand the challenges our participants face and how we can help them best. We recognise the value and potential our participants hold and work to equip them.


We work together to achieve greater impact for the vulnerable communities we partner with. We value community and work to deepen relationships here and in Africa. We acknowledge we are better together.

Planting the seeds of Harvest Hope Africa

One of Patrick’s first organised community initiatives was helping Congo’s so-called street children. Numbering more than 60,000 in the capital alone, these abandoned or orphaned children are relegated to a life of destitution. In his early 20s, Patrick began doing what he could to help these vulnerable individuals. For one young boy, 9-year-old,Fiston, he gifted small essential items and encouraged him to dream of a good future.

Twelve years later, a taxi driver called out to Patrick on the streets of Goma. It was Fiston. He recognised Patrick as the man who had given him the helping hand all those years ago. Fiston learned how to be a driver, managed to get a job and earn an income, breaking the cycle of poverty. His gratitude was profound.

“I firmly believe that things can change. It may be difficult today, but it can be better tomorrow. Sometimes all someone needs is a person to listen to their story and to offer one small act of kindness. It is my commitment to help the underprivileged in Africa to dream again.” 

– Patrick Lublianji

Our Constitution:

Our constitution sets our charitable purpose, the rules that govern our organisation and the way we make decisions. Read our constitution here.