Project :

Capital projects

Constructing a second classroom, new toilet blocks and a playground for our students.


We are delighted that the Ebenezer Primary School has been embraced by the local Longido families. With so much demand, we are looking to invest in further capital projects to cater to our expanding community and to provide a rich, meaningful experience to our students.


When we reach our fundraising goal of $25,000 AUD we will be constructing a second classroom to accommodate more students. Similarly, with an additional $2,000 we will be able to create two more toilet blocks so the girls, boys and teachers can have their own facilities. We are also very keen to purchase a playground to aid the children’s learning through developmental play. Currently there is a single swing set for 50 children. More and varied equipment will help children in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth.

The Impact

Established a sewing and business training program

Graduated our first intake of students

Resourced a co-operative with business mentorship

Received our second intake of students

Provided food and clean water to vulnerable people

Education to more children

Improved sanitation

Enhanced development of children

OTHER Projects