A New Season

Daniel and Deborah are an unstoppable couple who lead our team in Congo so well. Daniel manages the whole operation in Goma, and his wife Deborah leads the way with the sewing projects. What a privilege to have such a talented team.

New Milestones

Meet our Programs Director, Gentil Kasongo. Gentil is based in Burundi and brings expertise in the area of human rights and justice. He works as a consultant in the Great Lakes Region, and volunteers his time to support the work of Harvest Hope Africa, supervising our in-country managers, and providing advice on best practices in his field of expertise. Gentil has a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the University of Cape Town, and a law degree from the University of Goma.

Training and Improving

We are committed to constantly improving what we do and how we do it. As a part of this, we’re participating in a 4 month intensive training program with The Mill House Ventures. It’s been an amazing process of examining what we are doing, and learning how we can do it better. We’re also transferring the new skills learned across a variety of spheres.

Celebrating two years in

As we pass the two year mark, we thank each of you for your contribution to the work of Harvest Hope Africa. We are overwhelmed with the growth of this second year, in both our community in Australia, and the increased impact we are having in Africa.

Taking Ground

In terms of taking ground, we’ve gained regular donors and launched into new areas, including our clothing range Lolendo Collections. This growth has meant we have raised more than AUD 50,000 this financial year!

A new class begins

It’s an overwhelming moment in the lives of our students. Coming with trauma backgrounds, it is a lot to take in – an organisation of people who believe in them. An organisation of people wanting to invest positively in their future.

Graduation Day

There were tears of pride and happiness from Australia as we can clearly see the impact and transformation education is having on these young ladies.

We thank each one of you for the part you have played to make this possible.

Spotlight Interview

Patrick brings decades of leadership experience in Africa with various not for profits. As the founder and CEO, he explains the vision of Harvest Hope Africa is to equip, empower and transform the lives of the underprivileged in Africa. ‘We do what we do because the impact creates transformation’.